Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Trofei PS4

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Trofei PS4

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Dragon of Legend - Completed the game on LEGEND difficulty.

Peak Kiryu - Raised all stats to a natural 300.
Skill Master - Obtained all skills.
Thank You. - Completed all of the main story.
Amon Defeated - Defeated Amon on any difficulty.
Kiryu Clan Patriarch - Completed the Clan Creator storyline.
A Dragon's Experience - Obtained 100,000 total experience points.
You Did It - Completed 100 items on the Completion List.

Word on the Streets - Raised the Kiryu Clan's influence to 10,000.Where Everybody Knows Your Name - Reached Beloved Customer rank at Snack New Gaudi.
Kiryu Clan Captain - Reached level 3 in the Kiryu Clan.
Kiryu Clan Enforcer - Maxed out a Kiryu Clan leader's stats.
On the Winning Team - Achieved 100 victories with the Kiryu Clan.
What a Player - Played every minigame.
Dragon of DoGYMa - Experienced every RIZAP training.
I'll Have the Calamari - Defeated the Emperor Squid.
The Internet's Real Purpose - Chatted with both lovely Live Chat ladies.
Club Shine Star - Requested every hostess.
To Be This Good Takes AGES - Played every Club SEGA game.
That's Purrecious - Rescued three stray cats.
Play Ball! - Won a baseball game.
Dandling Dragon - Experienced the trials of raising a baby.
How Fortuitous - Pulled "Great Blessing" at the temple.
Get Out and Stay Out! - Made a store employee angry at you.
Off the Beaten Path - Found a secret passage.
Not the Brightest Idea - Jumped from a dangerously high place.
Pretty Tasty - Activated five types of eatery combos.
Commemorative Photo - Took a photo of Ono Michio-kun.
Can of Whoop Ass - Engaged enemies while a drink's effect is active.
Life Through Kiryu's Eyes - Walked 30 seconds in first-person mode.
Kiryu Clan Founder - Assembled the Kiryu Clan.
A Fighter's Experience - Obtained 10,000 total experience points.
Maybe You Can Do It - Completed 31 items on the Completion List.
This Is My City - Completed 20 types of Trouble Missions.
Hiroshiman Shadows - Completed Chapter 2.
Her Secret Life - Completed Chapter 4.
A Dead End - Completed Chapter 6.
Priceless Child - Completed Chapter 8.
The Secret of Onomichi - Completed Chapter 10.
Cycle of Blood - Completed Chapter 12.
Tell Me a Story - Completed 10 substories.
Hero of the Story - Completed 40 substories.
Story of My Life - Completed all substories.
Troubleshooter - Completed 5 types of Trouble Missions.
Feeling the Heat - Activated Extreme Heat Mode 10 times.
Just Getting Started - Completed 10 items on the Completion List.
Live to Fight Another Day - Ran away from 10 encounters successfully.
Skill Dabbler - Obtained 10 skills.
Skill Pro - Obtained 25 skills.
Life of the Dragon - Raised Health to a natural 150.
Strength of the Dragon - Raised Attack to a natural 150.
Vitality of the Dragon - Raised Defense to a natural 150.
Speed of the Dragon - Raised Evade to a natural 150.
Heat of the Dragon - Raised the Heat Gauge to a natural 150.
Limit Breaker - Raised all stats to a natural 200.
A Man's Experience - Obtained 1,000 total experience points
Welcome Back - Arrived in Kamurocho for the first time.
No Photos! - Got surrounded by enemies while trying to take a picture.
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